Genevieve Thornton

Genevieve Thornton, born in Northland, New Zealand, lives and works in Victoria, Australia. Her work is an

exploration of the shifting relationships of earth dwellers to materials.  Genevieve aims to create a dialogue

between materials – the shifting and inseparable connections we have with technology, plastics, synthetic

fabrics, natural fibres – a plethora of natural and unnatural materials. Nonorganic waste and toxins have a way

of permeating the planet, infusing and altering us, the land and the air – raising questions around what

changes we might be undergoing now and into the future. Through reshaping and combining biomaterials

with discarded industrial textiles and plastics, Genevieve’s’ work looks to provide new insights into vital

questions around our ethical and political relationship to the world. Genevieve uses the speculative

possibilities of artmaking as a method to curiously explore new relationships of the human and more-than-

human, imagining an entangled posthuman future. 

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